Rugger Cinema

Timeless Wedding Cinematography

We have an unpopular opinion- wedding films are the most important part of a wedding!

Photographers will capture a moment, we'll capture a complete story. The entire mood of a father-daughter dance, when a grandma sees her grandson walking down the aisle, flower girls at their first truly significant task- we capture it all!

Check out our samples, from over 12 years of experience from all over the US. We love what we do, and we treat every wedding with the care and passion as if it were the most important wedding of our careers.

Investment starts at $3000 for a full day with multiple cameras. Send us an email to see if your date is available, and which package is best for your wedding.

We also offer special options for Persian, Indian, and Afghan weddings.

And for our camera lovers, we do have drones, 6K cameras, and we edit all our films within 21 days!

Looking for the ultimate wedding cinematography package? Check out our Arri Cine Package.

The Arri Cine Package

What is the Arri Cine Package?

The Arri Cine Package is the most elite wedding cinematography package. It is designed like a full, motion picture capture, where we have a dedicated director, lighting team, audio technician, and a cinematographer so we can capture every single part of your wedding in the most cinematic way possible.
We'll also be shooting on an Arri Alexa, the greatest digital camera in the world. Almost every single big budget movie made in the world in recent memory has been shot on an Arri camera. Only the absolute best for your special day.

What do I get?

We'll deliver a full 60+ minute feature film from your special day. It will be color graded by a colorist, sound designed, and mastered in full 4K resolution.

What is the investment?

Just to put it in comparison, a minimum film making budget is around a few million, and goes up to hundreds of millions of dollars. We require an investment of $14,950.

Are there any discounts?

There are no discounts offered.

How do I learn more?

Email, call or text at anytime- the quickest way to reach me personally is through text: 858-231-1319